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How to write a CV

There is no set template for how a CV should be written, every CV is individual.

There is no set template for how a CV should be written, every CV is individual.

The theories of how a resume should be written are numerous and there are countless ways to design it but there are some general points to keep in mind when writing a CV.

The CV structure:

  • Personal data (name, contact details like mobile number, address, email)
  • Previous work (chronological order, most recent position first)
  • Achievements at work
  • Other qualifications (e.g. involved in associations, organisations and volunteering)
  • IT skills (finance and reporting, excel-ability, etc.)
  • Other (e.g. driver’s license or relevant hobbies)
  • References (available on request)

Also note:

  • Let someone read your resume so you avoid typos, repetitions and clichés
  • Focus on the professional and less on hobbies
  • Never write negative things about previous employers

It’s great if you can give examples of duties and responsibilities you had when you describe your work experience. Give examples of:

  • The responsibility you have had (such as income statements, budget and personnel)
  • If you have had overall or partial responsibility for a specific function
  • If your work has meant a lot of independent work or group work
  • If you have taken the initiative to improve – what were the results
  • What you have accomplished or produced. For example, if your work resulted in big savings for the company, or if you have produced specific models, charts, reports or influenced decisions

Complete your CV with a cover letter in which you highlight your strengths, motivations, ambitions and justify why you are seeking the advertised role and why it would be an appropriate next step in your career.

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