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Interim management

When you have an immediate need of a resource it has to go fast.

The words Interim and Interim Management are often used when referring to consultants that cover a temporary need. Interim simply means something that is temporary, for a limited period. At Finance Recruitment we use the term interim consultant when referring to someone covering a temporary need. In turn, we use the term Interim Manager when referring to somebody covering a temporary need who holds a management position which may or may not require the post holder to deliver change. An Interim Manager could be likened to a management consultant advising and operating on strategic questions but goes a step further by also becoming operative and pushing through the actual implementation of ideas.

Reasons to use consultants

The Swedish labour market has changed in recent years and it has become increasingly common that companies use consulting solutions to resolve temporary needs, especially within the finance or accounting department. Some frequent reasons for the use of consultants include:

  • Cover while a permanent vacancy is being filled
  • Parental Leave
  • Long term illness
  • Backfill while employee seconded to internal project (system implementation…)
  • Short term uncertainly (buying or selling the business)
  • IPO
  • Outsourcing the finance department
  • Any other change projects

Bringing in an experienced temporary resource usually proves very valuable to clients as in the long term it can save both time and money. The resource can either drive through a change project or cover an existing vacancy allowing the permanent employees to focus on their daily tasks.

Some of the advantages of using consultants include quickly getting someone on site when dealing with unexpected absence or work stoppages and increased flexibility allowing you to more easily cut back on staff during times of declining demand. Many companies also experience positive effects when they have had consultants in their business as their experience can help not only to cover short-term needs, but they can also drive changes that have a positive impact on the long-term business goals.

Our Interim process

Our interim consultants have, in most cases, been interviewed on a general basis before the need to fill a specific role arises. The simple reason is that when the need arises it’s often too late to start interviewing candidates. In most cases our clients’ need for an interim consultant is urgent.

Process for interim consultant placements

  • Interviews are conducted on a general basis before the need arises.

The added value we can offer you as a client is our large network of consultants who can start an assignment on short notice. In order to maintain this network and to be able to deliver when the need arises, we perform daily interviews on a general basis with financial consultants who are interested in taking assignments through us.

  • Needs analysis when the need arises.

To understand what you really need, we sit down with you (and other relevant persons) to get a clear understanding of your business, your need and your input on the type of consultant who will suit the assignment. Here our responsibility is to challenge your ideas and advise on what potential solutions are available to you.

  • Screening of candidates.

When we know what is required by you, we begin our search process. In most cases, we already have some suitable consultants in place. We will then conduct a broader search of our candidate network and our database of consultants.

  • Presentation of candidates.

Within no more than 48 hours we present up to three relevant candidates and arrange interviews.

  • Reference check.

For the preferred candidate(s) with we will provide you with up to date and relevant references. (In many cases, we have already worked with the consultant and have therefore already taken references.)

  • Signing the contract.

Once a preferred consultant has been chosen, we write a contract that governs the various parts of the consultancy assignment.

  • Follow-up.

Throughout the assignment, we keep close contact with the consultant and you to ensure that everything is going to plan. We also conduct a thorough review at the conclusion of each assignment thus ensuring that feedback from all parties is received. This is ideally done in a face to face meeting.

Do you have a need for a temporary solution in your organisation, or are you expecting a need in the near future? Feel free to contact us and we can tell you more about our interim consultant solutions.

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