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Permanent Recruitment

It’s our belief that following a thorough recruitment process, while at the same time remaining flexible and adapting to the situation, are prerequisites for us to deliver great quality to our customers.

For selected candidates we conduct a background check and complete the profile with personality-, competence- and logical reasoning tests.

We’re flexible to our customers preferences; adjusting and tailor making the recruitment process for the best delivery possible.

Finding the top candidates can be time consuming. Therefore, we at Finance Recruitment work proactively with candidate search. Our recruitment consultants are continually meeting new interesting candidates to present when the right opportunity comes along. In these open-ended interviews we focus on the candidate’s motivation and passion – who they are and what they want with their career. By keeping our network updated and relevant we can deliver excellent candidate quality with agility when our customers have need for recruitment.

Our recruitment process:

When conducting a recruitment process, we always aim to find our clients a shortlist of the best possible candidates in the market. This takes time, however, due to our proactive processes we usually have already started that process long before your need arises. Nevertheless, we will still always conduct a thorough process as outlined below to ensure the final shortlist is as strong and broad as possible.

  • Agreement of the scope of the role

We will meet you for a face to face meeting to understand your organisation, need and the scope of the role you need to fill. Here our responsibility is to challenge your ideas and advise on what potential solutions are available to you.

  • Search & Advertising

Finance Recruitment will use the following methods to find a shortlist of the best candidates on the market:

◊ Finance Recruitment Database – our database uses the latest search technology allowing us to filter down quickly to the most relevant candidates for a specific role.

◊ We have engaged with large external databases giving us up to date access to both active and passive job seekers in the Stockholm area.

◊ Network – between us we have over 20 years recruitment experience within Finance, Accounting and Banking & Financial Services and have built up strong networks of finance professionals during that time.

◊ Headhunting – we have the right tools to get us in touch with key candidates which we can headhunt for specific assignments.

◊ Advertising – in a lot of instances we will advertise the role on a variety of leading websites allowing us access to both active and passive job seekers.

  • Selection and presentation of Candidates

We will interview all suitable candidates we find from the above search process. Based on those interviews we will be able to present you a shortlist of no more than 5 and no less than 3 candidates who match the original brief. All the candidates we present to you will come with a detailed summary of their experience, strengths, personality and we will highlight the key reasons to why they are relevant for the position. We will also provide details of their current salary, salary expectations, notice period and any other critical information.

  • References & Offer Management

When you have selected a final one or two candidates, we will take professional references. We wait until this point in the process to ensure you have input into the precise areas you would like us to cover in that reference. The reference will be summarised and presented  to you in a pdf document.

  • Salary Negotiation & Contract Signing

Once you have a preferred candidate, we will advise you on a suitable offer based on current market conditions including advice on benefits usually associated with a role of this level.

  • Follow-Up

Within two months of the successful candidate starting with you we will have a follow-up meeting with both the client and candidate.

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