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Jens Bergsten

Jens is Founding Partner at Finance Recruitment and is specialized in recruiting interim positions within Finance & Accounting.

I grew up in Stockholm and today I live with my wife and two kids in Bromma, outside Stockholm. Sports has always been a big part of my life but since I was a mediocre football and tennis player watching sports suited me better. Therefore, I pursued a degree in Sport Management at Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences. The degree contained Business Administration, Law and Management which was a good complement to my degree in Economics.

My Sport Management degree lead to me starting up a business area within a company focusing on helping Swedish student athletes finding sport scholarships at American universities. After four years of a very social and outgoing job, where I built the business from scratch and handed over a well-functioning unit, I accidentally ended up in the recruitment business. There were more similarities between the two jobs than I thought so it happened to suit me fine.

What I like most with my job as a recruiter is the social contact where I build long term relationships with candidates and clients. It like to help people finding their next step in their careers and it is stimulating to be able to influence my own results by being responsible for the whole recruitment process.

Contact Jens: +46 763 16 50 30,

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