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Our business areas

Specialisation has been our focus ever since we started out in the recruitment business

At Finance Recruitment we value the standard of knowing the business we recruit to. With in-depth knowledge we can also deliver impeccable results. To achieve this, we have decided to focus on permanent and interim recruitment within two major fields:

  • Finance and Accounting: Including roles such as CFO, Business- and Financial controllers, Accountants and other key roles within finance departements for small, medium and large scale businesses.
  • Banking and Financial services: Including roles sucha as Investment bankers, Private equity managers, Analysts, Risk & Compliance, Treasury and Business developers.

Permanent and interim recruitment within Finance and Accounting

Our team focusing on business and accounting work with all C-level and specialist roles, regardless of industry. Not being industry specific allows us to meet a wide selection of candidates which in turn grows our network and allows us to serve our customers with candidates from a great variation of backgrounds.

Key positions that we recruit to are the ones with the overarching business responsibility such as CFO’s and Head of Finance. Other recurring recruitments include different types of controllers – Head of Business control, Financial Control and Corporate Group Controllers. Within accounting we focus on Head of Accounting and Corporate Accounting roles. In addition to these we also have expertise within the fields of internal revision, tax, treasury and IFRS.

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Permanent and interim recruitment within Banking, Finance and Insurance

We have a well renowned team focusing on banking, finance and insurance. Like their colleagues at the business and accounting department, this team has substantial knowledge and experience of recruitment and operational work within these business sectors.

Key positions that we recruit to are Investment Professionals within Private Equity, Credit, Industrial Investors or Family Offices. Additionally we recruit within Investment Banking, Portfolio Managers for Institutional Investors, Business Development professionals and sales positions within the financial services sector.

We serve several different roles and customers. However, one thing remains ever present: our focus on quality. We hold ourselves and our candidates to the highest standard with regard to business knowledge, professionalism and presentation.

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