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Recruiting to In-house M&A in Stockholm

IN-house M&A

In-house M&A or Mergers and Acquisitions is a collective term for the departement that executes large and strategic transactions within a company. 

Specialist recruitment to key positions within M&A

In larger organisations with a strategy of in-organic growth they usually have an internal departement focused on M&A. When a company has a large amount of financial transactions it's beneficial with an in-house function. This increases the knowledge growth within the company, and the team can execute greater transactions with higher efficiency. The roles we recruit within In-house M&A are for example:

Analyst: As an investment analyst you conduct research and prospecting for interesting investment opportunities. This is largely operational work where you support your team and present arguments for future investments.

Associate: This role is hands-on and active in managing current assets as well as screen and evaluate potential investments. You are the driving force in the transactions and will be responsible for a number of tasks from due-diligence to execution. 

Manager: As a manager you have the ultimate responsibility for the transactions done by the company. It's on you to ensure that everything proceeds according to plan and you'll most likely report to the management team and inform shareholders.

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What responsibilities are with the M&A team?

The responsibilities include managing acquisitions, mergers or divestment of assets. 

  • Research and analysis of the market to find new potential investments.
  • Calculate and model financial return and risk management. 
  • Working closely with external consultancy, the management team and the board.
  • Negotiate and present a business case before an acquisition.
  • Be in charge of the post merger integration after a new asset has been acquired. 
Investment professionals som arbetar med bank och finans

How do you excel as a candidate?

  • Strong academic background from finance, industrial economy or similar
  • Experience from listed companies or audit firm
  • Knowledge about corporate finance from investment banking, management consultancy or "Big 4"
  • Full understanding for company valuation, financial modelling, risk analysis and calculating ROI

A specialist role within finance

To be relevant as a candidate for M&A positions there are some key merits needed. Working as an investor and execute multi million SEK transactions requires an analytical and commercial mindset.

We have recruited multiple professionals to different In-house M&A departements in Stockholm. We work with all types of companies - from larger financial institutions such as Söderberg & Partners to more smaller fin-tech companies like AddSecure in Stockholm.


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