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Recruit within Investment Banking in Stockholm

Investment Banking

At Finance Recruitment we have a specialist team recruiting specialist roles within Investment Banking in Stockholm. This team has experience from the business and help their clients with the strongest candidate network in Stockholm.


A career within Investment Banking is the goal for many finance professionals

As Investment Banking can be seen as a collective name for multiple finance functions we have summarised the most common roles we recruit to:

Corporate Finance: A generalist working with transactions within M&A

Infrastructure M&A: Investment in sustainable infrastructure is on the rise globally. A large part of this is finding, analysing and evaluating potential investment opportunities with regards to financing and taxation.

Leveraged Finance: Within leveraged finance the candidate is responsible for analysing and evaluation potential clients to the investment bank.

Equity Capital Markets (ECM): The positions within ECM are responsible for advisory services with regards to capital such as shares, warrants, forward contracts and capital acquisition. 

Debt Capital Markets (DCM): The positions within DCM assist clients in acquiring capital through Market Index Target-Term Securities (MITTS) and Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS). This includes both the private and public sector.

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What is Investment Banking about?

At its core Investment Banking is about finding and analysing investment opportunities - either through capital or debt. Within this business the candidate will have several contact points and be exposed towards many interesting companies with future potential. Part of the job is getting insight into business's strategies, their financing and in the end have a big impact on the companies future. 

Man som arbetar med investment banking får nedför trappa

How does a candidate excel within Investment Banking?

  • Strong academic curricula on bachelor- or master level within Finance
  • Have a good understanding of corporate finance
  • Have at least one year of experience from reputable institutions within banking and financial services

Specialist knowledge

Our clients usually look for specialist knowledge or specific interests within the financial services spectrum. Since Investment Banking contains many different positions we place a heavy emphasis on the candidate and their profile. We are proactively mapping the candidate market in Stockholm for this type of candidate.

Recruit within Investment Banking

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