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Recruit Group Accountant in Stockholm

Group Accounting

The Group Accountant is one of the most complex roles within accounting. To be successful in this role the candidate require experience and a structured way of working. 

Group Accountant - a key player for consolidated accounting

An experienced and competent group accountant is key to the success in the accounting function. They have the expertise to consolidate the numbers from different companies and report to the group management. We recruit group accountants from different backgrounds and specialties. Some are specialised on listed companies while others have skills specific to a business sector or industry.

Working as a Group Accountant equals a lot of responsibility. We at Finance Recruitment have recruited teams of accountants to all types of companies - from small family offices to billion dollar industries. 

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What skills make a great Group Accountant?

  • Experience with financial reporting and advanced Swedish accounting principles (K3)
  • Experience with company consolidation and M&A functions.. 
  • Being able to handle multiple projects and processes at the same time.
  • Proactively updating yourself with the latest regulatory framework.

Group Accounting requires IT skills such as:

  • Cognos controller
  • Aaro systems
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Agresso
  • Ocra
  • Visma
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Responsibilities for a Group Accountant

  • Annual, quarterly and monthly closing
  • Consolidation accounting
  • Group reporting to management team
  • Implementation of regulatory framework
  • Reporting processes during and after M&A

A role that with high requirements

There are several boxes needing to be checked when recruiting a Group Accountant, that's why we allocate the necessary time to find the right candidate. Experience, competencies, and the discipline for independent work are some of the individual characteristics we look for in a Group Accountant. As well as having the knowledge of how to support transactions and integrate newly acquired business with regards to finance and accounting. 

At Finance Recruitment we have great experience recruiting Group Accountants. Our consultants work proactively and continuously map the candidate market in Stockholm. For the specialised roles we use our network of professionals together with external advertising to find the best suitable candidate.

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