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Head of Business Control

Head of Business Control - a cornerstone in the management team. The Head of Business Control leads the job with budgeting, forecasting and analysis.

A competent Head of Business Control creates great synergy effects

Head of Business control is a role that is suitable for professionals who want to move from the operational to the strategic part of the finance function. This function can look very different depending on the company; smaller business may only have one or two controllers. While the larger corporations have entire teams of controllers. The Head of Business control will have a seat on - or report directly to the management team.

The best candidates will have a good understanding of finance and sales, but also be great at leading and developing people. A key aspect is also the ability to find synergies between different parts of the organisation. 

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How does a Head of Business Control profile look like?

  • Have a degree in finance or accounting with at least five years of controller experience
  • Have a pedagogical approach and be confident in leading and developing staff
  • Be sociable and proactive in networking with different parts of the organisation
  • Have a good understanding of financial analysis and business planning
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Responsibilities for Head of Business Control

  • Plan, lead and execute the work for the controller function
  • Develop useful insights to aid the analysis process
  • Be responsible for the planning and execution of budget
  • Analyse revenue, costs, KPIs and company performance 

The clients need in our focus

We always start a recruitment looking at the clients need in the center. When recruiting a Head of Business Control we follow a carefully structured recruitment process. However we are proud of our flexibility, as no two organisations look exactly the same.

With over 20 years combined experience from recruiting within finance and accounting we have accumulated great insight into how different companies organise their finance function. This helps us be consultative and help the client understand what profile they require, and how the candidate market looks like. 

The right candidate to the right assignment

  • With over 1000 placements over the last six years we are proud to have a success rate of 96%
  • We guarantee the right candidate on retained recruitment process. Should something unforeseen happen within the first six months of employment, we will replace the candidate free of charge.

Recruit a Head of Business Control?

Contact us and a recruitment specialist will help you.

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