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Recruit CFO in Stockholm

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Finding the right candidate is an art - especially when it comes to the executive finance level. Maybe this is your first CFO recruitment, but we at Finance Recruitment have done over a hundred of them. Our expertise is at your service.


CFO - the executive of the finance function

The recruitment of a CFO can look very different depending on the client. For example a smaller company may need a CFO more akin to a Finance Manager with more hands on accounting expertise. A larger listed company may also have their share of requirements, such as that the recruitment should be done "underhand", without announcing to the public before the new CFO has been recruited.

The CFO is a key figure in the communication with the CFO, the board of directors and the shareholders in listed companies. The candidate needs to both know the ins-and-outs of accounting and finance, but also be representative of the company in public. We can help you find the right candidate.

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Good skillset for a CFO

  • Proven leadership within the finance function
  • Combine strategy and analysis
  • Leadership skills and prestigeless
  • Be curious and plan for the future
  • Confidence in your own leadership
  • Adept in building professional relationships
Rekrytering av CFO i Stockholm

Responsibilities for a CFO

  • Explain finance for "non-finance" personell
  • Be an active part of the management team
  • Responsible for the finance and accounting function
  • Manage the yearly budgeting process
  • Be a partner to the CEO
  • Contact with press if company is listed

Let us handle your CFO recruitment

We have clients from all categories whom have given us the responsibility to recruit their new CFO. This are small family owned companies, to large multinational companies and billion dollar industries. If you trust us with the recruitment of your CFO we will handle the whole process for you. Let our experience be of service to you. 


What do we offer?

  • A qualitative network of candidates. Through search, headhunting and advertising we will find the best candidate for the client.
  • Background check and competency test. To ensure the quality of our candidates we use different numerical and logical tests.
  • Recruitment guarantee. If for some reason the recruitment would fail to place the right candidate, we will replace that candidate within an agreed amount of time.

Do you need to recruit a CFO?

Contact us and we'll help you.

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