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Work as Interim Consultant in Stockholm

Advice to Consultants

Here are some general advice for you who are or want to work as a interim consultant. We have extensive experience with different types of consultants and clients. 

Advice to Interim Consultants

Working as an interim consultant, either in the line or on management level, is often a varied and simulating position. You’ll get to see and experience different businesses and work different cases suitable for your expertise. It’s a great way to challenge yourself, increase your competencies and become more flexible in your work life.

Being an interim consultant is also a good way of getting to know a specific company should the opportunity arise to get permanent employment, if that’s what you wish.

We have a large network of companies constantly requesting talented business – or accounting professionals. The interim business works fast and thus we seldom advertise the interim positions.

If this seems like an interesting opportunity, we recommend that you send us your CV and follow us on LinkedIn where some of our interim positions are announced.

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Some important notes

  • Contact us for a general meeting. We are committed to having a personal meeting to learn more about you, what you have done before and what you want to do going forward. Then we can quickly contact you when an assignment that suits you shows up.
  • Keep us updated on where you are and advise us when your current assignment will end. Then we can more easily present you with new assignments when you become available.
  • Understand your options as a consultant. What are the benefits of working through your own company versus being an ‘employed consultant’? If working through your own company, you will need to know what company type you should register and register for F-tax and insurance.

What to consider when you are on assignment

  • Deliver results directly. There is a big difference between being an employee and being a consultant. As a consultant, you are expected to deliver results immediately and you will not be afforded the same luxury of lead time allowed to permanent employees. Be sure to only take on assignments that you know you are qualified for from the beginning so you can contribute directly. When on an assignment through Finance
  • Recruitment you represent both us and you. You are your own brand as a consultant.
    Be independent. As a consultant, you are often entrusted with things since you are seen as a neutral part.
  • Keep a close contact with the person you are on the assignment through. As a consultant, you often need to share your thoughts with someone and then we as brokers are a good sounding board. We have been through many different scenarios and can provide feedback and advice.
  • Evaluate each assignment based on what you can contribute but also what new things you can learn. You might have been in a similar role but will learn a new sector or vice versa.

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