Interim services

When a consultant is needed it has to go fast. We help our clients with Interim Consultants and Interim Managers within Finance and Accounting in Stockholm.

Interimskonsulter på väg till möte

When a client has a need it must go fast

Our team focusing on interim services are proactively mapping the network of available interim consultants in Stockholm. Staying on top of the market and knowing when and where consultants are available, we can quickly deliver a shortlist to our clients. We provide consultants such as Interim CFO, Interim Accounting Managers, Interim Controllers and more junior accounting consultants.

Our main categories

  • Interim managers: Senior consultants who usually staff Interim CFO and Interim Accounting Manager roles in companies. 
  • Payroll consultants: Staffing and junior consultants for operational roles such as Accounting and Controlling. 
Senior interimskonsult med en läsplatta
A selection of our clients

Interim vacanices


Interim Verksamhetscontroller


Offentligt bolag


Interims- & Konsultuppdrag


Interim Koncernredovisare med Aaro




Interims- & Konsultuppdrag


Entusiastiska Redovisningsekonomer sökes


Finance Recruitment


Interims- & Konsultuppdrag






Interims- & Konsultuppdrag


Interim Business Controller


Tillverkande bolag


Interims- & Konsultuppdrag

Why use an interim consultant?

An interim consultant can swiftly and efficiently cover for a vacancy in your organisation. If you have no room for headcount, a consultant can be your best solution. The benefits are many. For example, you get an experienced finance professional who can start delivery from day one, you are more flexible with cost management and many of our senior consultants can bring valuable insights to your organisation. 

Situations when an interim consultant is used

  • In-between recruitment cycles
  • Parental leave
  • Sick leave
  • Temporary increases in workload (for example financial statements)
  • System implementation
  • IPO
  • Organisational changes
Footprint in black sand

Our consultant process

This is our process for placing a new interim consultant. With our returning clients this process is shorter as many steps have already been confirmed. 

Mapping of the consultant network

We are continuously interviewing and mapping the network of interim consultants in Stockholm. This allows us to act quickly when our clients have a need. As speed is a deciding factor in the interim business this is the core to our business model.  

Analysing the client need

When a client has a need we start with a thorough analysis together with the clients key stakeholders. To ensure quality in our delivery we need to understand the scope of the assignment. This meeting doesn't take very long, but provides the crucial components to our work going forward. In the first meeting we also give our view on the current market and available consultants.  

Consultant search

When we know the scope of the assignment we begin our search. For more standard consultant roles we can usually present a shortlist within 24 hours. We interview the relevant consultants and if the client wish, we also conduct numerical and logical competency tests.

Consultant presentation

In most cases we present up to three available interim consultants for the assignment. Using the scope, analysis, interviews and tests we recommend the consultants on their merits. We also present their respective fees and availability. 

Reference check

Once the client has chosen a consultant, we'll do a reference check. Many consultants have been working with us before and we already have their references taken.

Contract signing

We sign a contract with the client and the consultant. Here we stipulate the details and terms of the assignment.

Follow up

We keep regular contact with clients and consultants during active assignments to ensure everything proceeds in accordance with the agreement. We are also eager to sum up the experience at the end of the assignment. 

Contact us

Are you in need of an interim consultant? Contact us.

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