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At Finance Recruitment we have a specialised team focusing on management and c-level positions in Stockholm.

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Recruit competency within management to excel your business

Finance Recruitment has over 20 years of experience recruitment management and c-level positions within finance and accounting functions. A manager must also be a leader, this is as important for a Fortune 500 CFO as for an Accounts Payable Manager. With over 1000 successful placements during the last 6 years we have a great understanding of different companies and positions. Management position recruitment is a big step, and we can help your organisation get it right.

Management positions

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Finding the right candidate 

There is a consensus about the risk connected with the recruitment on management level. We believe some are exaggerated, however it can of course be costly to do it wrong. The key component is getting the candidate profile correct in accordance with the company need. That is why quality in the process needs to be impeccable from start to finish. 

Why choose to work with us?

We are a specialised recruitment firm focusing on finance and accounting. The team focusing on management positions are 100% focused and have a great knowledge about the candidate market. Maybe this is the first time you are recruiting a CFO, but we have done it a hundred times. It's not by chance that we have a 96% success rate in our recruitment processes. 

A selection of our clients

Vacancies for management positions


Head of Accounting till expansiv ledande koncern






Finance Director


World-leading organization




Head of Finance till marknadsledande Schindler Hiss AB


Schindler Hiss



We help you recruitment management positions

The process for recruiting a c-level position can take a long time and cooperation between us and our clients are key. Our consultants work with a 360 degree model which means our clients have the same contact person throughout the process. Your one point of contact with take ownership of the whole process, from startup until finishing. This way no information will get lost "in between" and our clients always know who to contact.

Are you recruiting a management position? We can help.

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Vi på Finance Recruitment besitter lång erfarenhet av att rekrytera ekonomiroller och chefer i både Stockholm och London.

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Vi på Finance Recruitment besitter lång erfarenhet av att rekrytera ekonomiroller och chefer i både Stockholm och London.

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